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Various Artists

'#Ibiza 2023'

Released on 19 May 2023

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  1. ATK
  2. Beautiful (James Hype Remix)
  3. One More Night
  4. Back in Time
  5. Heartburnin'
  6. Body Shots
  7. Waiting for Your Love
  8. You Make Me
  9. Come On
  10. Le Voie Le Soleil (Paul's White Island Re-work)
  11. Tell Me
  12. Plan
  13. What's Luv
  14. Missing You (Michael Gray Remix)
  15. Peanut Butter
  16. Fade (Feat. SHELLS)
  17. Deep End
  18. Want You (Feat. Megan Murray)
  19. Walk Away
  20. Dreamer (Wanderlust Mix)

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