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Rob Lane

'A Discovery of Witches'

Released on 14 Sep 2018

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  1. Introducing Matthew Clairmont & Diana Bishop
  2. Song of Home - Ashmole 782
  3. First Meeting
  4. Hunting Satu
  5. Stalking Montage
  6. Mathieu Murdered - Stag Hunt
  7. There's Something About Matthew
  8. Gerbert Punishes Juliette
  9. How Magic Will Be Lost
  10. Drive To Matthew's Home - The Congregation
  11. Instinctive Magic
  12. First Kiss
  13. Witch-Wind
  14. Separation Brings the Witch-Rain
  15. Matthew's Church
  16. Origins
  17. The Knights of Lazarus
  18. Joined Together
  19. Rescuing Diana
  20. Branded
  21. Slow Motion Dance
  22. The Congregation Vote
  23. Farewell to Sarah & Emily
  24. Finale

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