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LIFE Worship - Your Name

Released on 29/05/2020

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  1. Never Let Me Go (Live)
  2. Your Love Is Taking Over Me (Live)
  3. This Is Not the End (Live)
  4. Your Name (Live)
  5. You're Still Worthy (Live)
  6. Spirit of the Living God (Come and Fall) (Live)
  7. There Is Something About That Name (Spoken Word) (Live)
  8. Yahweh (Live)
  9. Alpha & Omega (Live)
  10. Agnus Dei (Spontaneous) (Live)
  11. Light Up (Live)
  12. Here In Your Presence (Live)
  13. To Know Your Heart (Live)
  14. Run Wild (Live)
  15. Hell or High Waters (Live)