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Maurizio Malagnini

'Coppelia (Original Soundtrack)'

Released on 25 Nov 2021

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  1. Prologue
  2. Breakfast With Mum
  3. Journey to Town
  4. The Mayor
  5. Friendship
  6. Swan's Dream
  7. Falling in Love
  8. Grand Waltz
  9. Dr Coppelius Interrupts
  10. The Town Is Changing
  11. Mother is Different
  12. The Evil Dr Coppelius
  13. The Town Has Changed!
  14. Opening Fanfare
  15. Coppelia's Dance Track
  16. Coppelia Drugs Franz
  17. Coppelius' Experiments
  18. Giving Life to Coppelia
  19. Franz's Drawing
  20. Rescuing Mum
  21. Mum Wants a Makeover
  22. Ice Cream Tango
  23. The First Kiss
  24. The Nightmare
  25. Franz Follows Coppelia
  26. In the Mirror
  27. Plan of Action
  28. Swan Explores the Clinic
  29. The Blending Room
  30. Stopping the Essence
  31. Swan Has Found Franz
  32. Robot Dance
  33. Friends Don't Give Up
  34. Escaping the Robots
  35. Friends Manage to Break In!
  36. Stealing Franz's Love
  37. True Love Kiss
  38. Destroying the Clinic
  39. Grand Finale
  40. Coppelia - Radio Suite

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