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Segun Akinola

'Stephen' (Original Television Soundtrack)

Released on 14 Sep 2021

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  1. Stephen's Living Legacy
  2. Operation Fishpool
  3. No Stone Unturned
  4. The Crime Scene
  5. A Cover-Up
  6. A Small Chance
  7. Technical Reconstruction
  8. Red Fibres
  9. Sheddability
  10. Do Your Best
  11. Same Old Met
  12. This is Not a Whodunnit
  13. A Dream Has Come True
  14. Louise
  15. Carjacking
  16. I Keep Going
  17. A Significant Find
  18. My Investigation
  19. Chain Of Evidence
  20. Love Will Conquer Hate
  21. The Finding
  22. Who Is This?
  23. Tape Seals
  24. You Were There
  25. Music To My Ears
  26. We're Ready
  27. Arrests Within The Week
  28. Today Is The Day
  29. I Want To Say What Happened
  30. Opportunities For Contamination
  31. A Statistical Impossibility
  32. Negative Coverage
  33. Let Them Squeal
  34. Reaching A Verdict
  35. Guilty Or Not Guilty
  36. Some Sort Of Justice

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