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Mickey Jupp

'Up Snakes, Down Ladders'

Released on 05 Aug 2022

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  1. I'd Love to Boogie
  2. Up Snakes, Down Ladders
  3. Why Don't You Don't?
  4. Like You Don't Love Him
  5. Man In the Mirror
  6. Loving the Wrong Girl
  7. Learning to Swim
  8. The Nature of the Beast
  9. Get Hot
  10. Bad News Can Travel Slow
  11. Lonely Boy
  12. I Beg Your Pardon? (You Heard)
  13. I Threw Myself At You (and Missed)
  14. The Blues Ain't What They Used to Be
  15. The Ballad of Tutford Darnell
  16. Pilot

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