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'SIX: LIVE ON OPENING NIGHT (Original Broadway Cast Recording)'

Released on 06 May 2022

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  1. Ex-Wives
  2. Ex-Wives (Reprise)
  3. "But there's only one you need to hear from tonight..." (Feat. Adrianna Hicks)
  4. No Way (Feat. Adrianna Hicks)
  5. The One You've Been Waiting For
  6. Don't Lose Ur Head (Feat. Andrea Macasaet)
  7. Heart of Stone (Feat. Abby Mueller)
  8. "Now, seeing as Henry was running out of women to marry in England..." (Feat. Brittney Mack)
  9. Haus of Holbein
  10. "So I guess you already know what happened next..." (Feat. Brittney Mack)
  11. Get Down (Feat. Brittney Mack)
  12. All You Wanna Do (Feat. Samantha Pauly)
  13. I Don't Need Your Love (Feat. Anna Uzele)
  14. I Don't Need Your Love (Remix) (Feat. Anna Uzele)
  15. SIX
  16. The MegaSIX
  17. Playout (Feat. The Ladies In Waiting)
  18. Heart of Stone (Alternates Version) (Feat. Keirsten Nicole Hodgens, Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, Courtney Mack & Mallory Maedke)

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