Delta Heavy - Only in Dreams

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  1. A.I. (Teddy Killerz & Delta Heavy Remix)
  2. Revenge (LAXX Remix)
  3. Anarchy (ShockOne Remix)
  4. Show Me the Light (VIP)
  5. Collide (Bensley Remix)
  6. Take Me Home (Dirt Monkey Remix)
  7. Exodus (Prolix Remix)
  8. Revenge (Kanine Remix)
  9. Replicant (Hydraulix Remix)
  10. Show Me the Light (GANZ Remix)
  11. Here With Me (The Prototypes Remix)
  12. Take Me Home (Protostar Remix)
  13. Lift You Up (Murdock Remix)
  14. Revenge (Reaper Remix)
  15. Show Me the Light (Annix Remix)
  16. Exodus (Junk Mail Remix)
  17. Revenge (Conrank Remix)
  18. Replicant (Magnetude Remix)
  19. Take Me Home (DNMO Remix)
  20. Here With Me (Clockvice Remix)
  21. Exodus (Hi I'm Ghost Remix)
  22. A.I. (WHZLY ReWired)
  23. Show Me the Light (Rival Remix)
  24. Take Me Home (Acoustic Mix)